Contact and Support

There are multiple ways to contact the development team, get support, file a bug, make a feature request and even contribute code changes to FOQUS:

  • Send a private email to for contacting an internal set of developers.

  • Subscribe to and send an email to our public discussion forum to ask a question of the existing user base.

  • Use any of the public GitHub features:

    • Read or start a new Discussion

    • Open a new Issue if you believe you’ve found a bug (please include detailed steps on how to reproduce the error, including if possible, screenshots and log files.) This is also where you can make feature requests.

    • Contribute changes to the FOQUS project by opening a Pull Request

General information about the Carbon Capture Simulation for Industry Impact (CCSI2) project, of which FOQUS is a part, can be found on the web site.