FOQUS Installation and Running

This chapter covers how to install and run FOQUS as well as how to install other optional components for use within FOQUS.

Quick Start


If you are installing on Apple silicon please use the sub-sections as this quick start will not work.

For those familiar with the details, here is a summary of how to install and run FOQUS:

  • Download and install Anaconda.

  • In a terminal, to setup and install:

    conda create --name ccsi-foqus -c conda-forge python=3.10 pywin32=306
    conda activate ccsi-foqus
    pip install ccsi-foqus
    foqus --make-shortcut  # Create Desktop shortcut (Windows only)
  • In a terminal, to run:

    conda activate ccsi-foqus
  • On Windows, double-click the Desktop shortcut made above.

For a detailed explanations see the following sub-sections.